Bleeding Heart Kat Print Shoes White FFLXSCSDC

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If you like cats and creepiness then you'll probably fall in love with these Bleeding Heart Kat Print Shoes the moment you lay eyes on them. These Blue Banana exclusive branded shoes feature an adorable kitty sugar skull pattern that those with an alternative style like emo will definitely want to get their paws on. These alternative fashion trainers make are ideal for wearing casually as part of any style and feature a classic must have contemporary style. They make a highly affordable alternative to expensive branded footwear and with their unique print they certainly stand out from most boring shoes on the market. You can feel proud to wear these cute shoes from alternative fashion label Bleeding Heart, knowing you have unique style in the form of its cat sugar skull print, and they'll likely make all your friends jealous with envy. So don't miss out on getting your paws on a pair!

Bleeding Heart Kat Print Shoes White FFLXSCSDC

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